We are building the next level customer data platform to solve all of your
GDPR-, ITPx-, Cookie legislation-, Sampling-, and Data siloing struggles. Really.

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Data For Marketing is a challenge!

I think we can all agree on that, right?

We have come to rely on data. We have built our entire stack of marketing tools around data. And we have done all we can to collect as much data as possible.

Just to discover that all our precious data ended up in yet another tool in our toolbox, and was still completely inaccessible to our marketing team.

So. Nothing. Ever. Happened.

Sounds familiar?

Oh! And don't even get us started on GDPR.

Or Cookie legislations.

Or that ITP thing,right?

With UserNest YOU own your data

YOU are in control. Like it should be! We build you a customer data platform which is:

- Including ALL your data - and you own it!
- Respecting user privacy
- Fully compliant
- Starts simple and scales to infinity
- Works with the trends instead of fighting against them

The solution

Change the way you work with data

Collecting User Data - First Party and Server Side

We collect all the user data we are permitted to. And anonymize the rest for statistics and analytical purposes.

We collect data in your own data warehouse, with full ownership, transparency and flexibility. Gone are the days when datasets were a mysterious black box. We can investigate the raw data to better understand the logic behind it. And if a dataset have been poluted - or PII have been captured by mistake - we can fix it because the raw dataset is editable.

We collect data in a true first party context - on your own domain. So ITPx and AdBlockers are no longer preventing us from collecting the data we have consent from users to collect. We still respect users rights - of course we do! And we don't collect, use or share data without consent. But we do build you a fully managed and controlled data pipeline you own and control from end to end.

Easy and Flexible Reporting

We deliver a set of standard reports which are enough to get you started. For some its even enough. Period. Full data overview and standardized reports makes it easy to get creative. And the raw and flexible dataset makes it possible to create exactly the views and reports you need for reporting, dashboarding or analysis.

Reports can be created in your favorite reporting tool - Tableau, Data Studio, Power BI, Looker.

Send Everywhere

Data have value only when it's activated. We set up the data models with you and helps you get data into the tools you and your team uses every day. No need to change your stack. No longer collect data in each tool independently. Collect once, activate everywhere. That works!

Full ownership

You hold the keys - we provide you the tools. Collecting and maintaining a dataset takes efforts. So you might as well build it to ensure that it's here to stay. In the Jamstack everything is changable. The best tool today is not necessarily best in the future. Building with best of breed tools requires that the dataset is completely decoupled. Change the tools, but keep the dataset. It's yours.

Put the data in the hands of your marketing team!

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